Patient Toolkit

Flowchart: Diagnosed with IBD?

Follow this flowchart to learn who should be involved in your care and how they should work together.

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Infographic: Prepare for better care

Discover key topics to think about through all stages of family planning (conception, pregnancy and after delivery).

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Infographic: Have a healthy pregnancy

Learn what you can do to make sure things go well.

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Discussion Guide: Speak up for what you need

Start a conversation with this guide to get the care you’re looking for.

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Checklist: Plan ahead

Think of questions to ask your doctors to guide open and ongoing conversations.

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Fact Sheet: Know the truth

Separate myths from facts to feel empowered on the road ahead.

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FAQ: Get answers

Read these FAQs about proper planning and care to move forward with confidence.

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Fact Sheet: Post-delivery considerations

Key considerations for managing your health and the health of your newborn.

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